Whatsapp voice messaging error sans

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WhatsApp as one of the most popular chat apps, many people are using it to send and receive messages every day. And many people will also. I am not able to listen received voice messages on whatsapp. When i click on play icon of the voice message, instead of playing the message. Mobile messaging app WhatsApp is rolling out the ability to "unsend" works for attachments like photos, videos, GIFs, voice messages, etc.

WhatsApp Messenger - an amazing SMS replacement app!. California. Embed Tweet. Want to learn more about Voice Messaging on your phone? Check out. The new feature is part of a new update and will be a godsend to anyone who types before they think. WhatsApp is rolling out a brand new feature that lets users delete messages they' re already sent. The WhatsApp update is being rolled out to.

WHATSAPP is bringing a slew of new features to its hugely-popular iOS and Android app, including the ability to edit and recall sent text. WhatsApp has introduced its long-awaited “Unsend” feature, but it doesn't appear to The app now lets you delete messages for everyone in a.