What does tantalize mean in mythology

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The more familiar you are with Greek mythology, the less likely it is that you will mythology, and, as is so often the case in such circumstances, the word does not Tantalize is not the only word in English whose meaning is connected to the. Did You Know? Pity poor King Tantalus of Phrygia. The mythic monarch offended the ancient Greek gods. As punishment, he was plunged up to his chin in. The word "tantalize" comes from the plight of the mythological Tantalus, who so offended the gods that he was condemned in the afterlife to an eternity of hunger .

When you tantalize people, you torment them in a specific way — by showing them something they want but can't have. You could tantalize people with cavities . Tantalize definition, to torment with, or as if with, the sight of something desired but out of reach; tease by arousing expectations that are repeatedly disappointed . «Tantalize» Tantalus was a Greek mythological figure, most famous for his eternal punishment in WHAT DOES TANTALIZE MEAN IN ENGLISH? tantalize .

tantalize. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to navigation Jump to search From Tantalus (Τάνταλος) in Greek mythology, who was condemned to Tartarus in tantalize (third-person singular simple present tantalizes, present participle tantalizing, . Numbers do not necessarily match those in definitions. Origin and meaning of tantalize: s, with -ize + Latin Tantalus, from Greek Tantalos, king of Phrygia, son of Zeus, father of Pelops See more. Definition of tantalize in the yazicioglukizyurdu.com dictionary. Meaning of tantalize. Origin: From Tantalus (Τάνταλος) in Greek mythology, who was condemned to. tantalize: To excite (another) by exposing something desirable while keeping it out of reach.