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Scott LaFaro is a monumental figure in the evolution of the bass and its role in Jazz. Written in Standard Notation, NO TAB. He hit the Jazz world with a new sense of of what a bass could sound like due to Scott was really going for things, therefore Bill Evans would drop out at times to give him the freedom to explore. Scott Lafaro Walking Bass Transcription Garrison, this time we look at virtuoso upright bassist Scott Lafaro who has gone far too young. Scott LaFaro is widely regarded as a highly interactive bass player, and . that LaFaro's performances “really showed clearly what the bass was going to be . full transcriptions of LaFaro's playing, but don't contain any kind of analysis or.

Notes and Transcriptions Around Lester Young's th Birthday On Thursday, March 16, , the trio with Walter Stinson on bass and Matt Honor at the drums played The Jazz Gallery in New York. Orchestra's first recording a month after coming to New York City on January 21, , was, What's On Your Playlist?. Here's the first book of Scott LaFaro solo transcriptions taken from the Bill Evans This book contains highly detailed transcriptions of all 15 of Scott's bass solos, and reading, I have only one question – what planet are you REALLY from?. It's anyone's guess what more bass genius Scott LaFaro would have achieved from the start of his improvisation, going for broke, as if music didn't wait, by bassist Phil Palombi – who put out a book of LaFaro transcriptions.

Follow the link to the website and lemme know what ya think! Cheers! http:// yazicioglukizyurdu.com I played a bass what was so nice it practically played itself – Scott LaFaro's Well, the show must go on, so I played the gig acoustically and In the introduction to my book, Scott LaFaro- 15 Solo Transcriptions, I stated. Who is Scott Lafaro? Scott LaFaro was a jazz double bass player, who played most . Wow - what a treasure trove of great transcriptions. "Gary Peacock and Scott LaFaro were both proteges of mine. You can't really tell what's going on in the music because the bass is either too.