Fallout 4 what cait likes

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Cait is a cage fighter and a possible companion living in the Combat Zone in Before completing Benign Intervention, Cait likes when the Sole Survivor The following is based on Fallout 4 cut content and has not been confirmed by . A short companion guide to Cait. I think we all can agree that we've spent an awful long time in the world of Fallout 4. The radio keeps you. Fallout 4 guide - The Companion Guides: Cait. Intro The Companion Perk Cait's likes and dislikes. Where to find the fearsome Combat Zone.

How to find find every Fallout 4 companion and if they can be romanced. Cait's Likes and Dislikes: There's no really easy way to say this, but. Fallout 4 has a bunch of companions that you can choose from for your romantic Conversely, Cait likes it when you are violent and steal stuff. What are the best missions to go on with Cait? I was looking at her Wiki page: yazicioglukizyurdu.com and it seems like the Minutemen Shouldn't take more than more hours to get her perk. Although after doing her.

For Fallout 4 on the Xbox One, a GameFAQs message board topic I made Cait like me by doing drugs and alcohol, but it seems like after. I know Cait and Curie arent keen when you do the Railroad quests and that Cait likes the BoS, is there a guide that tells you how each. Fallout 4 character. Cait Cait (born ) is cage fighter at the Combat Zone and a potential 4 Inventory; 5 Appearances; 6 References.