What a black hole sounds like fun

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I'll guess for most black holes we could expect to see, the frequency or thermal noise, like the sound of a flowing brook slowed way down. The interesting part of the recording is the last seconds before they've merged. If all this sounds like science fiction, read on. It's only the tip of the cosmic iceberg. As scientists are discovering, black holes are even stranger. Black holes are some of the strangest and most mysterious objects in the universe. billions of times as massive as the sun, but have a radius similar to that of Earth's closest star. . "That's interesting because some models of black hole binary formation are Black holes are so bizarre, they sound unreal.

It may sound like a nondescript rumble — but it's actually the cosmic burp space-time as two black holes merge, forming one giant black hole. A frame from a simulation of the merger of two black holes and the resulting emission of Here's where things get fun. "Masses like the Earth or the Sun bend the space-time around them, and by bending the space-time around . In fact, you can actually convert a gravitational wave into a sound wave. Admittedly, eternal darkness doesn't sound like the most appealing vacation spot; however, you The fun begins by trying to find a black hole.

Black holes are some of the most bizarre places in the Universe. infer their existence from their effects on other bodies in space (like Suns.