How to sign into smartglass xbox one

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Note To control OneGuide on your Xbox One from your Windows PC or your Windows Phone, you must use the Xbox One SmartGlass software. To connect to . Connect the console and SmartGlass device to the same local wireless network. A cellular data network connection will not work for Xbox One. If you are using a. Find out what to do when you can't connect your Xbox One SmartGlass app to your console after you finish playing a game.

You get an error when you try to sign in to your Xbox Live account on Android. If you're having trouble signing in to Xbox SmartGlass: Start by making sure you. Xbox SmartGlass is an Xbox One controller app that turns your phone or tablet into a remote How to Connect Xbox SmartGlass to Xbox One. Xbox One SmartGlass is the perfect companion app for your Xbox One, both in your living room and on the go. Connect and control your Xbox One.

After signing in, the SmartGlass app should detect your Xbox One automatically. For this to happen, both systems need to be on the same.