How to make brass look old fast

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If you prefer the appearance of older brass, there are several ways to hasten or imitate aging. Read on to Some other metals look similar to brass, but will respond differently to these aging methods. Check to make sure there is no remaining lacquer. A hair dryer, propane torch, or oven can speed up this process. Step-by-step photo tutorial showing you how to age brass (bright brass) If you want to make brass look like nickel or silver-toned, you can find. Martha Stewart demonstrates how to age shiny brass to look old and weathered.

Antiquing with vinegar has several advantages. Vinegar is easy to obtain and non-toxic. The patina achieved though is not as deep or dark as obtained with. Shine Your Light: How To: Create An Antique Brass Finish - gold spray paint .. Give Galvanized Metal an aged look using craft paint -- easy and quick and no. How do I get rid of the varnish that is on the lamp and what steps do I take to . Is there a chemical or treatment I can apply to cause the brass to oxidize or dull quickly. . I used it on a new brass framed rifle and it looks a hundred years old!!.

Luckily, it's easy to transform shiny brass to create a lovely antique a few decades ago, but that super-shiny look has fallen out of fashion.