How am i doin chords and lyrics

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call Run Down: | | | | | | A You wonder how I'm doin F#m How I'm holdin up B E Since you did me wrong. Now you say you're sorry Well honey I agree so Last Chorus: How are you doin' since you did What you done to me Girl don't lie you know. How Am I Doin' chords, How Am I Doin' tabs, How Am I Doin' by Dierks Bentley, tablature, and lyrics in the Greatest Hits, Every Mile a Memory.

lyrics from reprint of sheet music / C G7 C Just a loud-mouthed Yankee, I went down to Mexico G7 C I didn't have much time to spend, about a week or. Blue Rodeo - What am I doing here capo II Chords: G Em D xx A x Asus2 x Asus4 x F#m What You're Doing chords The Beatles * D G D G Look, what you're doing; I'm, feeling blue and lonely. Would it Bm G D G be too much, to ask of you, what.

Play all Dierks Bentley songs for Guitar at E-Chords. Watch and learn how to play Dierks Bentley chords and tabs with our video lessons. How Am I Doin. WHAT AM I DOIN' HANGIN' ROUND? By the Monkees Tabbed by Rockin Ron. Intro on G/////////D//G (Play this song brightly) V1. G D G Just a.