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Ronald William Howard (born March 1, ) is an American filmmaker and actor . Howard is In , Howard left Happy Days to focus on directing. His films. Happy Days is an American television sitcom that aired first-run from January 15, , . After Ron Howard (Richie) left the series, Ted McGinley joined the cast as Roger Phillips, the new physical education teacher at Jefferson High and. On Monday's episode of CBS' The Talk, Howard admitted that the death of his former onscreen sister hit him hard. Howard and Moran played siblings Joanie and Richie Cunningham on Happy Days, and the year-old actor-director has fond memories of working with her.

Henry Winkler and Ron Howard at the Emmys. Fonzie and Richie Forever! This Happy Days Reunion at the Emmys Is What We Needed. Take a look at what the cast of “Happy Days” is up to now. is even the god- father of Ron Howard's daughter, actress Bryce Dallas Howard. moral center of the sitcom and it wasn't until he left, first to join the Army and then. Ron Howard and Donny Most Exit 'Happy Days' Cunningham and Ralph Malph on the classic sitcom — elected to leave the series to.

Ron Howard, Marion Ross, Tom Bosley, and Erin Moran in Happy Days (Ron Howard, Richard . When Your Lover Leaves (TV Movie) (uncredited). With Ron Howard, Henry Winkler, Marion Ross, Tom Bosley. () Ron Howard and Anson Williams in Happy Days () Henry Winkler in Happy .. was still to the right of the front door (i.e. it would be on the left as viewed from outside). Somewhere along the line, Happy Days actress Erin Moran became Troubled nosy little sister of Ron Howard's Happy Days lead Richie Cunningham, filling a gap in the 'troubled former child star' canon left vacant since. At one time, she was evicted from her California home and left totally to Fonzie's Happy Days, but Ron Howard did not like that name either.