What is melf package

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Metal electrode leadless face (MELF) is a type of leadless cylindrical electronic surface mount Additionally, MELF components are sometimes called a "roll away" package. During automated SMT pick-and-place, this happens mostly if the. Max Soldering Temperature +°C for 30 secs as per JEDEC. J-STD Package Outline Dimensions. MELF. MELF. Dim. Min. Max. A. MiniMELF glass package for automated SMD pick and place equipment, squared for improved high speed assembly. Size: mm x mm. More Info >.

Diodes - Zener Diodes - DOAB (MELF) package. Contact Us Sales Package. Ptot (mW). Vz (min) (V). Vz (max) (V). Int. Construction. Vz Specification. Metal Electrode Leadless Face (MELF) Resistors are round or cylindrical in shape. They are available in embossed plastic tape on 7" reels. The terminals on . [image] In the past, MELF (Metal Electrode Leadless Face) packages held popularity because of their typically higher operating temperatures.

The MELF component package is a cylindrical shaped package. Not very popular because they have a tendency to roll around when soldering. The cylindrical construction of MELF devices provides an optimal power rating and pulse load capability related to the mounting space. Sometimes surface mount resistors are also used as MELF packages (Metal Electrode Leadless Face). MELF Components. . new surface mount package is developed a new name is created. These . Diodes are also available in MELF and mini-melf packages.