What does on her behalf mean

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Definition of on her behalf in the Idioms Dictionary. on her behalf phrase. What does on her behalf expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Behalf means speaking or acting for someone. a medical decision would be made in behalf of the patient, and you would speak on behalf of your family. on behalf of someone definition: done for another person's benefit or support I' d like to say on behalf of the whole group that we wish you well in your new job.

On behalf of someone definition is - as a representative of someone. How to use on behalf They're willing to do anything on their child's behalf. 3: because of. On behalf of definition, as a representative of or a proxy for: On behalf of my c. , behalve (with dative suffix), from Old English (him) be healfe "by (his) side . on her behalf meaning, definition, English dictionary, synonym, see also 'on sb's 1 If you do something on someone's behalf, you do it for that person as their.

On sb's behalf/ on behalf of sb definition: If you do something on someone's behalf, you do it for She made an emotional public appeal on her son's behalf. I'd appreciate your clarifying this in one. “On behalf of” means, “as representing ,” and “in behalf of” means “for the advantage of. Merriam-Webster does not draw a distinction between the phrases, but includes both in its entry for behalf. The English idiomatic expression “on behalf of” means done for another person's support or On behalf of my colleagues, I will address your query directly. behalf definition: The definition of behalf means in place of or for someone or something. (noun) An example of behalf is a lawyer acting for her client.