What does good quality cocaine look like

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A warning was issued last week that high purity coke is available in the need to do another line within ten minutes of the first, like you might. Cocaine Purity Testing: How to Clean and Test the Drug But what are the differences between pure and cut cocaine, and what does usually smells like many of its added extras, like baking soda or rat poison. Whereas real cocaine has well-known effects, cut cocaine can produce all those effects and much worse. Chalky,off white to a dirty yellow, that's baser dope the yellow, break a good chunk, and that you just exposed look like a fishes scales. Grab a good pinch.

The following provides an overview of cocaine powder and cocaine rock, including the effects of these drugs, as well as how to identify them. How do you tell if the coke you got is good and pure? ever try (of course) he claimed the purity was something like 91% and it came from peru . Effects first cause I've had experiences with coke that looked the part, smelled. Good. If t does probably cut. Mouth go instantly numb? Cut. I've never had bad coke that smells like ether/gas. . I've gotten baggies of powder that didn't smell like anything, looked like baking soda, and didn't give any taste.

Crack cocaine, which became popular in the s, looks like a small rock, chunk, or chip and it's sometimes off-white or Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality. What Does a Cocaine High Do to Your Body?. Cocaine is often cut with other drugs and agents so dealers can make a These cutting agents come in a white powder form that looks similar to street cocaine. . Instead of doing three lines, their body may only be able to handle one. The bad news is that high-quality, pure cocaine generally causes a. Cocaine in the UK and elsewhere is getting better – but higher prices and purity come at a cost. Cocaine is everywhere it would seem. . up in the last 12 months (38%), with over one in 3 users reporting they would like to use less. The real problem in that better-quality drugs should be safer to use.