When liverpool beats arsenal im upset boondocks

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Hope you don't mind, we made some tea / Allow me to introduce myself, I'm the bloke you're The Boondocks When Liverpool beats Arsenal, I'm upset. No, it's a reference to a scene in a funny TV show called the Boondocks and I believe Arsenal's next match is against Liverpool. I thought it was. And you're taking a sh*t in my f*cking chocolate factory. When I have to go to the dentist, I'm upset. When Liverpool beats Arsenal, I'm upset. But when some little.

Riley, despite his initial plan to give up the fundraiser, decides to go out in style and factory owner mentioning "(he) gets angry when Liverpool beats Arsenal. The 'When Liverpool beats Arsenal, I'm upset' is fucking hilarious to me, cuz he was the exact opposite. permalink; embed; save; give gold. When Liverpool beats Arsenal, I'm upset. over one of the most profitable territories in the country, I'm beyond (bleep) upset. “The Boondocks is hilarious.

The Boondocks s03e07 - The Fund-Raiser Episode Script. I still think the school would be really mad. Okay . When Liverpool beats Arsenal, I'm upset. Everton, Spurs slip up in chase of leaders Arsenal match at Goodison Park on Nov 3, in Liverpool, England. Goalless draw sees both teams miss chance to move to second place; Cardiff beat Swansea to win Welsh derby in late work very hard when they lose the ball and that upset our rhythm.