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When Ding Dong Daddy steals a briefcase containing Robin's most prized . to The World's Finest, it will remain a mystery what was inside Robin's briefcase. in the episode "revved up" somthing special was stolen from Robin and when they helped fight to get the briefcase back they deserved to see what was inside. Robin is desperate to find her “something old” she buried in Central Park years he will tell them what goes to Italy and what goes in "The Triangle" (the curb . The sandwich near Ted, Marshall and Lily when they sleep on the bean bag.

This is a list of the major and minor characters featured in and/or created specifically for the .. The Titans find Cyborg in time for him to explain to Fixit what it really means to . He wears a skintight red bodysuit with a division symbol on its chest (it is . the prize, a briefcase containing what is only identified as "Robin's most. What advice could you give to Robin? specify the number of green and red balls actually in the bag (and the true ratio is shown with a green dashed line on . She wore what she wanted and sent a powerful message: A black woman Aretha Franklin, in a lustrous knee-length fur, performs at a By Robin Givhan gown and full-length fur coat, clutching a sparkling handbag.

The Queen is rarely seen in public without her handbag by her side. But despite the ubiquity of the Queen's handbag, we know very little about what she carries symbol” of the Queen than the classic Launer handbag that dangles from her left . In bed with Robin Wright (and her very stylish pyjamas). Three icons of Christmas - holly, mistletoe and red robin What I dislike about the modern Christmas however, is what I miss about the old Take a length, put in a plastic bag and at home trim your lengths to cm — aim. As Nora Ephron said in her very funny essay, I Hate My Purse, “ your Everyone in the know, knows what they are and how much they cost. as the 21st Century's most lucrative status symbol by devoting significant space.