How to do an enterprise activation

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The free Enterprise Activation application download enables activation of BlackBerry® smartphones for use with BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express or . BlackBerry smartphones can be activated on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express SP1 to SP3 with either a BlackBerry Enterprise Server or a. My question was how do I get my Enterprise Activation Password? It saids to contact my system administrator.. but I'm not even sure what that is.

Select Advanced Options and then select Enterprise Activation. Note: This process can take anywhere from 2 - 20 mins depending on your. Make sure that your wireless account is provisioned for BlackBerry If the Enterprise Activation option is not there, contact your wireless carrier and ask for the. What do I need a BES account for? A BES account (and activation code) is required in order to connect your Blackberry mobile device to the University of.

Your corporate email address must be added to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) with the wireless activation From the "Do you want to Add or Replace. Get BlackBerry Torch 4G support for the topic: Perform a Wireless Enterprise Activation (BES) with a RIM BlackBerry using Handheld Software version Windows 10 Enterprise Subscription Activation (EA or MPSA) requires Windows The admin can now assign subscription licenses to users. Instructions below apply to BlackBerry Enterprise Activation for the devices that do not have an Enterprise data plan provided by their wireless.