Who was gowan pamphlet

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Gowan Pamphlet answered a call that set him on a path few would have imagined possible for an enslaved person in the colonial Chesapeake region. Born into colonial American slavery, Gowan Pamphlet became an ordained Baptist minister and helped start a church for African Americans, today's First Baptist. Gowan Pamphlet was a black Baptist preacher who ministered to a congregation in and near Williamsburg. He started his pastoral ministry.

GOWAN PAMPHLET Frequently Asked Questions Was Gowan Pamphlet a real person? Yes. He lived in Virginia during and after the Revolutionary War. Meet one of America's unsung nation builders, Gowan Pamphlet, an enslaved man known locally as a popular preacher. He offers his perspective on slavery. The story of America is full of hope and struggle. Step into the past with young Gowan Pamphlet. Learn more about his contribution to the founding of our nation .

In early , Gowan (still a slave), like many others, came across Thomas Paine's powerful pamphlet Common Sense. Gowan was said to be. Gowan Pamphlet (ca. – or ) was born enslaved. While the details of his personal life are unknown, when he began preaching in the s he.