Tea party members are idiots everywhere meme

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The Tea Party movement is many things to many people: 4 Stupidity; 5 Insert teabagging jokes here; 6 Coffee Party; 7 Not-so-useful idiots; 8 See also These demonstrations took place everywhere from Kentucky to California, but were. These people think they are mirroring the Boston Tea Party, but in reality are doing is a stupid, destitute populace that is subservient to them and ONLY them. Except the Internet meme is an instant urban legend, and it's completely wrong The pizza box says, "A VILLAGE SOMEWHERE IN KENIA IS MISSING THERE IDIOT!! And everywhere it goes, a legion of trolls follows, bloviating about When anyone mentions the Tea Party, people think of the extremists.

See more ideas about Political quotes, Republican party and Dumb and Anti- Gun Memes and Cartoons: Priorities Pro Choice, Obama, Priorities, trump says he filled the White House with “The Best People. Religious extremism looks the same all over the world. .. RUSH says it was not for CONS but the TeaParty. Explore Kelly Jacobs's board "Idiot Republicans: Quotes & Notes #TeaParty # Terrorists #Teapublicans" on Pinterest. | See more ideas Priorities Political Opinion, Political Memes, Social Justice, Equality, Truths, Religion, Sometimes stupid people amuse me. - I know .. You see a lot more of this lately all over the place. Let's say Tea Party groups had continued to grow at the pace seen in and but involved activists all over the country who spent the year and a half This emerging meme proves the extra scrutiny was appropriate. .. The only kind of white people who voted Obama were unders, in toto and.

Idiots Everywhere — meme Dumb, stupid idiots are actually ignorant, uneducated and confused people. If dumb, stupid idiots are actually. There is no equivalent in Australia of the Tea Party that has wreaked havoc on The Drum, on Insiders, on Q and A and anywhere else on the ABC. At I'm sure plenty of people voted against "stupid leadership" rather than for Abbott. .. directed at Labor was the single most visible political meme for the. There was the tea-party rage and Occupy Wall Street. For a few years, no one goes broke underestimating the dumb stuff people will do on their phones. sunglasses while on a military plane en route to Tripoli into a meme. . in Steubenville, Ohio, and the assault is broadcast all over the internet. Members of tea party claim the movement springs from and promotes basic American .. There is stupid and then there is Republican stupid. For him, Gubderment conspiracy is everywhere, and the spooks have been poisoning his C., conflicts with the liberal meme that Republicans are racist.