How to use playstation camera on pc

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How to Use a PS3 Camera on PC. by Marshal M. Rosenthal ; Updated September 28, A webcam allows a person to stand in front of a computer and. This includes posts unrelated to PS4 as well as buying, selling, Rules apply to comments, all rules apply to posts. . It's work on PC. Would someone please hook their PS4 camera up to their PC and tell me if it Out of curiosity why would you want to use the PS4 camera?.

But I am looking for the driver for my usb ps3 camera: I read that I need a certain I want to be able to use it for skype. Thanks in advance. Find out how you can hack your ps4 camera to use it on your PC in 3 simple steps. Delete the dll that comes with PSMoveService to use the DLL that gets After you have plugged in the PS Eye camera you should see entries.

Get the camera off its lazy butt and have it become a fully functional PC webcam. The NUI Group is offering detailed instructions on how to get. Developer Bigboss (aka psxdev) has released PS4EyECam driver, as you might expect from the title this driver allows you to use your PS4 EyE.