How to make nitromethane rc fuel

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RC Car General Discussions - Homemade Nitro fuel - Has anybody ever did this WITH pic's? Pro's & Con's to doing it for the first timers like. Offroad Nitro Engine Forum - how to make nitro fuel - With winter here in Wisconsin, I need a winter project. I know someone here makes nitro. Nitromethane is used as a fuel in motor racing, particularly to as "nitro", and is the principal ingredient for fuel used in the somewhat higher than gasoline, thus making it suitable for high-speed engines.

Hi. know some of you know very well To make best fuels.. Thumbs Up Hats Off but Still i will show you how to make nitro Fuel. cheap. Firstly, may I correct you, the correct terminology is; GLOW fuel and not Nitro fuel. Nitro Methane is a small percentage of glow fuel. You have. Hello RR Let's find how to make the nitro fuel since the fuel prices are very high now a day, what I know is: Nitro fuel consists of three blends.