How to encase leaves in resin

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In fact, ArtResin is the perfect way to preserve leaves! In this how-to video below, Joanne walks us through a fun (and functional) fall craft: making napkin holders out of ArtResin and leaves so you can bring the beautiful fall colors to your Thanksgiving table. The trouble with dried leaves is how fragile they are. I really like leaves, though. Dark fall ones, light-green spring ones. Oaks, maples, different. Techniques to Embed Flowers in Resin: Who wouldn't like to carry a piece of spring around Con: everything will be flat, the flowers and leaves get quite fragile.

"I painted on Best Bar Top Epoxy and while it was wet, I mixed in my choice of different paint colors. I let this dry for four hours, and "flooded" the entire surface. Preserving flowers with two-part epoxy resin is a somewhat messy, but not difficult, by removing moisture from blossoms and leaves with 20 Mule Team Borax. I have a very old four leaf clover I found as a child and recently re-located it when my Mother passed. I would like to preserve it. I've read your.

My daughter found a four-leaf clover when she was 5 and I framed it, although over time it faded. Resin encases the clovers and keeps them.