How to downsample nvidia physx

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Some games reject your best attempts at anti-aliasing. Downsampling is your solution, and here's how to do it on both Nvidia and AMD video. One of the major features coming to Maxwell GPUs like the GTX is called Dynamic Super Resolution—and it's just downsampling, but with. Well, a lot of people on reddit/youtube have been incorrectly claiming that ray tracing is just a gimmick (often incorrectly using PhysX as an.

View the latest GeForce graphics card technology including PhysX, 3D Vision, monitors and technical know-how refer to this process as Downsampling or. Apart these problems, really enjoying so far, physics could be better but I'm running Nvidia's down sample rendering fine, in full screen mode. I have SLI GTXti 3GB an I can downsample for other games like But now with the NVIDIA PhysX turned on im back to p, but its so.

One of the more intriguing capabilities Nvidia introduced with the GeForce GTX and is a feature called Dynamic Super Resolution. needed herzrate of your created custom resolution in the Nvidia and tadaaa!! selectable downsampling resolutions in DX10 and DX11!.