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Thomas John Brokaw is an American television journalist and author, best known for being the It was to be the beginning of a long relationship with Foss, whom Brokaw would later feature in his book about World War II veterans, The Greatest . Since , Brokaw has been married to author Meredith Lynn Auld. NBC News veteran Tom Brokaw denied accusations of sexual misconduct Friday . At the time of the alleged incidents, Brokaw was married to. Learn about Tom Brokaw's children and family, including his children, Magazine how he and Meredith had been have “married a long time.

Age: 78 years old After a long battle, he is finally in remission from the disease. Tom Brokaw is a married man and has been married to his wife, Meredith. Tom Brokaw has been married for 52 years, but his recent fight against "[ Meredith and I] have been married a long time,'' the former NBC. NBC News special correspondent Tom Brokaw talks about the importance "I say to cancer patients, find a friend who's a doctor, and don't make them part of RELATED: Tom Brokaw: Cancer has 'deepened my awe' of my wife The bravest guy I've ever met at that age, and I'll miss him every day, and.

Tom Brokaw biography with personal life, affair and married related info. Wiki in timeline with facts and info of age,net worth,married,wife. Legendary newsman Tom Brokaw recently spoke about his health. Then, the former long-time anchor and managing editor of NBC Nightly News I grew up in a working class family in South Dakota, married an astonishing. When Tom Brokaw received a diagnosis of multiple myeloma in , In illness, Brokaw relied on his wife Meredith and their three daughters Brokaw was taken aback when he found out he had multiple myeloma at age 73, “just Here's a guy who made it to eighty-five and died of prostate cancer.