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The GC (Gun, Canada, calibre) is a mm howitzer designed by Gerald Bull's Space Research Corporation (SRC) in the s. Versions were produced by a number of companies during the s, notably in Austria and South Africa. The most publicized use of the design was in Iraq, where the GHN variant . Iraq placed a US$ million contract for guns from Noricum in. That howitzer is GHN, and it still influences even the most modern artillery pieces. Soon after an austrian company Noricum purchased the rights to the gun and started producing it as GHN (Howitzer Noricum 45). The GC was an advanced mm artillery system, developed in Canada. advertising an upgraded version of the design as the GHN ("Gun-Howitzer, Noricum, 45 calibers"). Production of the GHN commenced in Austria in

GHN - Austrian Designation with revisions / refinements. history of the SRS GC / Noricum GHN mm Towed Field Howitzer. The mounting hardware allowed for elevation and traversal of the gun tube in the usual way. Description: NORICUM GHN is a mm caliber towed field howitzer featuring longer Produced in Austria it was introduced in the early s. GHN- 45 gun howitzer can hit targets at ranges of up to 40 kilometers. These guns were made by Gerard Bull, the "King of artillery" of the 20th century, but also infamous that he worked with everybody including.

resulting in the GHN (gun, howitzer, Noricum). Bull was soon contacted by Iraq, who placed a $ million contract for guns from Noricum in Austria. GHN was originally a US-designed howitzer calibre mm, designated manufactured in Austria by the company Noricum (Voest-Alpine). Die Kanonen-Haubitze GHN (Gun Howitzer Noricum) ist ein Feldhaubitze im SRC die Produktion der GC zu VÖEST (später Noricum) in Österreich.