How to turn off n cage chrome

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My friend installed an app on Chrome where it replaces ALL pictures with Nicolas Cage. The bad thing is, I cannot remove it due to access. Replaces all images on all pages to Nicolas Cage. nCage. Offered by: qwertyman1. 2, Fun , users. Available on Chrome. Disable an extension. To temporarily stop using an extension: Open Chrome. Click More More and then More tools and then Extensions. Turn off the extension .

On the top right section of Chrome, there is a button with his face on it. Click options and turn it off. Kaitlin · 3 years ago. 1 my brother did it to me also just go to settings> extensions> and delete ncage. Kenneth · 5 years ago. To see if this is the case you can try disabling all plugins, add-ons, or extensions within your browser. On your computer, open Chrome. This tutorial shows how to remove Chrome extensions either through the Click the Customize and control menu icon on the Google Chrome.

These funny Chrome extensions are a must. nCage would be my favorite extension on this list, but it isn't the Champ. Who is the Champ?. These are the 5 worst Google Chrome extensions on the internet nCage You will go insane if you turn every image on the internet into Nick Cage, using this Cage was amazing in Face Off though, and perhaps that's the. yazicioglukizyurdu.com It's pretty easy to disable or uninstall, but only if they know how to access chrome settings.