How to get to winterhold skyrim

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Head north, I made the trek last night, however I encountered a Dragon and was roasted before I made it to Winterhold. After that I took the. How to Join the College of Winterhold in Skyrim. It's a fellowship of magic users that overlooks the city of Winterhold found on the Travel to Winterhold. You probably don't have the spell yet, so buy it. at the beginning of the bridge connecting the college to Winterhold and she will explain what.

The Mages Guild in Skyrim takes the form of the College of Winterhold, and they' ve got one of the coolest faction bases in the land of Skyrim. The College of Winterhold is a guild of mages centered in Skyrim. "You know, if you have the aptitude, you should join the Mage's College in Winterhold. Open the world map to determine that Winterhold is in the north-east part of Skyrim (screen above). If you have already visited that location (or the College itself).

The College of Winterhold is a school of magic-users, whom are generally with caution until more details that cause this bug have surfaced.