How to get karthus pentakill skin

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Open them up in separate tabs and compare and see how the pricing tiers make no sense. Clearly Statue of Karthus ( RP) has the most. So now that Xayah and Rakan have shown up in the PBE and . This would be soooo cool. especially since i own pentakill karthus xD. Pentakill Kayle is headlining the League store at RP. PENTAKILL KARTHUS ICON . I mean I love having another Kayle skin. Yes, icons are useless; why are you complaining about not getting something that is.

Like, what do you want the skin to have? o_O. permalink I'm hoping for a Pentakill Morde update -- he literally has no special features at all. Wonder how to get Pentakill Karthus skin? It is currently for sale in the ingame shop, you can hop right in there and buy it right now for Riot Points, the price is.