How to clean white leather iphone case

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We get a lot of questions about what is the best method for cleaning your leather iPhone case. We put together a simple guide to clean your. anyway to clean this? i have the red leather and the sizes are turning black and it looks horrible. my girl called me out on it and told me to get a. Cleaning the leather might affect its color. If you choose to clean this case, first remove it from your iPhone. Use a clean cloth with warm water.

Indeed, I picked up a (Product) RED leather case for my own iPhone 5s around 10 days ago, and it's already looking a little second hand. I have one of Apple's leather cases for my iPhone X. I handle my phone very much every day, and my phone's cases become soiled & grungy. How to Clean a Phone Case. Phone cases can carry dirt, grime, and bacteria, so it's important that you clean yours regularly. Fortunately, it's easy to clean your.

Keep your iPhone, iPad, and protective cases looking shiny and new. You can use a leather cleaner or conditioner, but keep in mind that it. I f you want to get information for your mobile back cover cleaning and purchasing then visit How do I clean a white leather phone case? To clean leather, whether a coat, apparel, phone case, wallet or handbag I used shampoo and water.