How far fetched is the movie gravity

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We even had a chance to chat with the movie's science advisor – Kevin Grazier – not too long ago, so we know some of the work that went into. "Gravity" is the most realistic space movie ever. job of capturing what it is like to do a spacewalk - much better than any previous sci fi film. In , Gravity was perhaps the most talked-about movie of the year and The Martian (Interstellar is still a bit far-fetched), so much so that a.

Mars has about one third the gravity of Earth, which is an asset to explorers As far as I can see they didn't bother with that in the movie. The fantasy animated movie "Avatar" is set in the Alpha Centauri system, Building a body that weaves together human and alien DNA might be far-fetched. The gravity on Pandora is said to be lower than on Earth, which. Director Alfonso Cuarón's latest film, Gravity, hits theaters today. The sci-fi flick is receiving rave reviews from 1. Its premise isn't far-fetched.

This is not such a far-fetched concept and is in fact known as the Gravity's director, Alfonso Cuarón, said last week that the movie was not. WTOP Film Critic Jason Fraley says the new space thriller “Gravity,” starring This may be far-fetched, scientifically speaking, but it works as a. We've seen the movie, and we've got to say, it's amazing how far we've . Mars has 30% of Earth's gravity and a sizable atmosphere, so it's not. Gravity took off at the box office over the weekend, and astro-experts It is theoretically possible, but that whole scenario was pretty far-fetched.