Shipwreck coins whats a real

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Before you buy sunken shipwreck coins, take a moment to think about what you are buying. Here are several tips to consider when buying rare. The term “Atocha Coins” refers to silver and gold Spanish coins recovered from Their denominations are 8 reales, 4 reales, 2 reales, 1 real, ½ real and ¼ real. Inflation is also a real danger with shipwreck coins. Are people going to assign them a greater or lesser premium, 10 years from now? Moreover.

Mexico 8 Reales El Cazador 8R Shipwreck Silver Coin - NGC Certified Genuine . s Spanish Cob Piece of Eight Real Colonial Shipwreck Treasure Coin. It turned out to be the haul of a lifetime: Nearly a million dollars worth of gold coins and chains, including an extremely rare Spanish coin known. The vessel was evacuated and intentionally set on fire by the crew to prevent the plunder of treasure; Consolacion coins are thus true pirate treasure coins.

#FC, Colombia, 2 Escudos - Mid's. possibly gold-plated in some cases As a further note on this one, seller edgec sold this coin as genuine . When authentic shipwreck coinage retains its original surface character or shows no visual evidence of immersion in water, it is graded using the NGC Coin. Spanish Shipwreck Coins. These coins In fact, an eight real coin, for an instance, could be engraved into eight pieces worth of one real each. Each of these. I am interested in buying coins from the Atocha wreck. I am a real novice at numismatic matters and I need your expert assistance in.