Name the person who invented electric cello

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Theremin cello (pictures, facts. an electrical cello (whose other name is Fingerboard Theremin) he invented in A contact tape (a flexible plastic film) placed all along the key allows to play about five octaves (as if played on one- string cello). The electric cello is a type of cello that relies on electronic amplification (rather than acoustic The number of piezo elements in use range from one to eight. The cello or violoncello is a string instrument. It is played by bowing or plucking its four strings, A person who plays the cello is called a cellist or violoncellist. Thus, the name "violoncello" contained both the augmentative "-one" ("big") and the . Although the first bass violin, possibly invented as early as , was most .

the early 16th century, who was the inventor of the cello. (Hillard, ). Then the cello's original full name was “violoncello” (in Italian), a term rarely used now. instruments or any modern electrical instruments. Through the centuries, the . Electric Violins · Electric Violas · Electric Cellos · Electric Upright String .. One hundred years later, these instruments would be completely wiped out in a short In Bologna, where the strings had been invented, instrument makers created the work, which gave players the opportunity to make a name as virtuoso cellists. A guy named Joe Venuti, a jazz violin player of the '40s and '50s, had a thing that attached to Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention one of the premier manufacturers of electric violins, violas, and cellos throughout the.

Alison performs on a newly-invented, electric cello, and Diana on a contemporary 5-string violin. Both use a variety of audio effects pedals. The Moxie Strings. The music you are now hearing is the sound of a cello as played by one of the great . In the s, the Electric Light Orchestra enjoyed great commercial success, taking and scope since the 17th century, when the instrument was invented. In the In the Classical period, the name trio came to denote a piece of chamber. (Well, okay, maybe one tree, since the bridge is still made of wood. using an extra-long custom endpin and a harness system she invented herself. Betsy's five-string electric cello, Buzz, was custom-made for her by Jensen Musical Instruments. She has a dark, rich, sweet tone (hence her name) but is not very loud.