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Professor of history at Calvin College; director of the H. Henry Meeter Center for Calvin Studies; city commissioner for Grand Rapids, Michigan; chairman of the. George M. Marsden has taught history at Calvin College, Duke Divinity School, and M. Howard Rienstra† taught in the History department at Calvin College. The late M. Howard Rienstra, director of the H. H. Meeter Center for Calvin Studies at Calvin College, reported to me that its holdings recent studies of Calvin, reflects something of this attitude; for Ganoczy, Calvin "belongs to the history of the.

M Howard Rienstra's translated marks their first appearance in English. M. Howard Rienstra was a professor of history at Calvin College and Director of the H. establishment of a Conference on Faith and History Organization Committee, Reid, University of Guelph CANADA, M. Howard Rienstra, Calvin College. of history at Calvin College, to become my collaborator on volumes III and IV. None contributed more to Van Kley than the late M. Howard Rienstra and none.

Vern Ehlers was interviewed for the Gerald R. Ford Oral History Project on July And when we'd moved to Grand Rapids, there'd been race riots there just a few Also, Howard Rienstra, who would later become a city commissioner, is also a. The Grand Rapids Press So it is in this collection, edited by James Bratt, Calvin College professor of history, and Ronald Wells, professor I read is by Howard Rienstra, the late Calvin historian and Grand Rapids city.