How to do spiral curls with rods

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How to Do Tight Spiral Curls with Flexi Rods. By Lindsay Pietroluongo. Many women lust after curly hair. Whether you have straight hair and want to switch up . While you can use heat to achieve curls faster, the flexi rod offers a heat-free (and , therefore, damage-free) way to make your curl dreams come. In this video, I show you how to roll flexi rods to achieve a certain curl pattern. The first technique gives you a spiral curl, where as the second and thir. Rod Set.

Perm Rods on Natural Hair demonstrates how to make defined spiral curls using pink perm rods. Try this style on medium to long length natural. Thick Flex Rods Spiral/Twist Curls Wavy Hair Flexi Foam Roller Curler Set Pick 1 of 3 Roller Sizes This is our way of showing you that we will make.